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We have been BUSY working on Legal and Financial goals and take a great deal of time and attention to detail. We’ve held two meetings with Founders – Nov 4 and Dec 2 – to bring them up to date and solicit input, feedback and increased involvement.

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Founders organized a potluck and meeting January 27 that was a great time to get to know each other better and stay updated. We’ll continue to hold monthly meetings with Founders as we move closer to making our dreams a reality.

Since TTMDRS is incorporated as an Educational Non-Profit, we have legal limits on our activities. In order to move forward, we set up a new corporation–an LCC–that has the freedom to implement the Business Plan created earlier this year in collaboration with ActionPact.

That was a lengthy and complicated process and we are delighted that it’s been completed, resulting in Touchstone of the Piedmont, LCC. (aka TOP.) It is being steered by a new group of leaders, referred to as Members. Some have been on the TTMADRS board; some are new. The current leadership of TOP is: Mareah Steketee, Alan Julich, Pat Peterson, Margaret Sharp, Chris Martin and Albert Hardy.

From this point, the work of TOP will be the primary focus of energy and attention. We are legally required to keep the functions of TOP completely separate from the functions of TTMADRS—which raises some interesting and complex questions about finances and activities. TTMADRS will probably continue to sponsor our Educational Workshops. If you, or someone you know, would like to attend a half day Educational Workshop in Durham, NC, please let us know. These workshops are offered as an educational event for all; they are also the first step to becoming a Founder.

In our Nov and Dec meetings with Founders we’ve discussed all these issues, explored ideas for Governance going forward, and emphasized the need for more Founders to take on some of the work.

Let us know if you have questions or comments or suggestions.

We hope to have more news updates for you soon. Stay in touch.

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